The Barraba branch railway line is a closed railway line in New South Wales, Australia. The line, which was opened on 21 September 1908,[1] ran north along the Manilla valley to the town of Barraba from the Main North railway line at West Tamworth. The railway line crossed the Namoi River at Manilla over a large viaduct and crosses the Peel River just before Attunga.

In the 1970s, the Barraba line was served by the unique railmotor, CPH38 (also known as Creamy Kate).[2] At that period, large quantities of asbestos was railed from Barraba in containers for export.

The line is now open for only grain wagon storage.[1]

A stop block is in place at Dampier Street, Tamworth and the line was damaged by flood along Wallamore Road on 29 November 2008.

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