Blackalls Park
Blackalls park


Blackalls Park

Number of Platforms


Platform Arrangements

1 side

Toronto Railway Line
V - E - T - D
Toronto Railway Line
Fassifern Railway Station
Blackalls Park railway station
Toronto Railway Station

Platform 1
CR Plat 1
Toronto Railway Line
Stopping Patterns
Services to Toronto, Fassifern and Newcastle
The station is closed and overgrown. The track is overgrown and able to be walked on.

Blackalls Park was a former railway station in the suburb of Blackalls Park, on the former Fassifern - Toronto branch line in New South Wales, Australia. The station was closed in 1990. The track and platform at the station is still largely intact, albeit overgrown. More recently, the toilet block on the station was demolished. Also like the Toronto Railway Station, it only has one platform.


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Toronto Line

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