Sydney Trains M Set
2 Millennium sets at Sydney Central

Years built



EDI Rail

Number Produced

140 cars

Years in Operation


Fleet Numbers

D1001-D1070, N1501-N1570



Type of Train


Number Operational

140 (35 sets + 1 spare)

Number Preserved


Number Scrapped






V - E - T - D

The Sydney Trains Millennium or M set is a class of electric multiple unit operated by Sydney Trains in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. They are one of the newest trains in the Sydney Trains rolling stock and run (currently) in Sector 2.

The Millennium trains replaced 1960's Tulloch Trailers.

The Waratah trains are based on the design of the Millennium train, copying many features including interior carriage design.


The Millennium train is a double decker, with four cars. With the middle two cars being non-control cars (car number prefix N) and the two outer cars being driving control trailer cars (car number prefix D) fitted with the pantograph. The Millennium train is equipped with an AC drive system, whereas the Tangara has a DC drive system (except G7, which was scrapped after the Waterfall train disaster). Most of the time, they are coupled together to form an 8 car train, except for services on the few lines that only require 4 car sets.

The Millennium train concept is an evolution of the Tangara concept - the Millennium Train introduced crumple zones to absorb impact in a collision as one of its new feutures.

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