The Culcairn - Corowa railway line is a closed railway branch line in southern New South Wales, Australia. It branched off of the Main Southern railway line at Culcairn and headed south-west to the town of Corowa on the Murray River. The southern terminus was near the Victorian Railways Springhurst - Wahgunyah railway, but no bridge was ever provided over the river.

The line was opened on 3 October 1892 and its main purpose was for the transport of wheat. Passenger services ceased in 1975, a time when the widespread closure of country branch-line passenger services occurred.[1] The section from Corowa to Brocklesby was decommissioned in January 1989; the last train ran on that section in January 1988. The section from Brocklesby to Culcairn was decommissioned in December 1991.[2]

Current StatusEdit

The old tracks have not yet been removed from their original position but the line itself is in very bad condition. it is not available for use.

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