The Crystal Brook - Broken Hill railway is a standard gauge railway line in the mid north of South Australia and the far west of New South Wales. It is part of the East-West rail corridor in Australia.

Infrastructure Edit

The line begins at the junction with the Adelaide-Port Augusta Line at the Crystal Brook Triangle and ends at Broken Hill station. It is standard gauge and single track throughout its entire length, with numerous long crossing loops. The line is operated and managed by the Australian Rail Track Corporation.

Crossing loops Edit

The maximum length of trains on this line is 1800m, but only some of the crossing loops are of this length.

Crystal Brook to Coonamina is double track.


The main traffic on the line is Sydney - Adelaide and Sydney - Perth interstate freight, with the majority of trains operated by Australian Railroad Group and Pacific National, although intrastate services can also be seen.

The only passenger service is The Indian Pacific twice weekly, operated by Great Southern Railway, between Sydney and Perth. This train only makes a scheduled stop at Broken Hill for booked passengers, although the train will also stop to pick up or let down passengers at Peterborough station upon request. The only other passenger service is the Sydney - Broken Hill Xplorer service, run by Countrylink once a week.

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