H Set
OSCAR set H11 at Scarborough

Years built




Number Produced


Years in Operation


Fleet Numbers

OD 6901-6999, 6843-6854
(driving trailers)
ON 5901-5949, 5821-5826
(motor cars)
ONL 5951-5999, 5871-5876
(motor cars with lavatory)



Type of Train


Number Operational

Number Preserved


Number Scrapped






V - E - T - D

The Sydney Trains H set or OSCAR (Outer Suburban CAR) is a class of electric multiple unit operated by Sydney Trains in New South Wales, Australia. These cars run on the intermediate outer suburban service area (South Coast, Blue Mountains and Newcastle and Central Coast lines), falling short of true interburban trains but exceeding the definition of suburban trains. The cars are constructed by United Group Rail. Delivery of the first two orders of 122 cars has concluded, and the delivery of an additional order of 74 cars commenced in late 2010. The H-set is within the same generation as the suburban Millennium Train but is more suited for longer distances on interurban lines. The layout and features of the OSCARs are similar to their predecessor - the G sets. The G sets have been redeployed to suburban services [became T sets], which has allowed additional services to be introduced and has also build up some existing six-car services to eight-car services. The OSCARs have also allowed some V Set trains to be built up from four to six cars


There are many similarities between the OSCARs and the Millennium Trains, including improved external destination boards, internal destination boards displaying stopping patterns, Digital Voice Announcements and security cameras. The OSCARs also have additional features to increase comfort on the longer journeys they operate. These include high back seating covered with durable, vandal proof Woollen Moquette Farbric with padded head-rests, retractable footrests, luggage racks and a wheelchair-accessible toilet. Wheelchair seating is available in the vestibules, while 3x2 seating is provided in the upper and lower deck sections. The OSCARs also include several new safety features. The doors on older rolling stock such as V sets are all unlocked at every station (even short platforms). V Sets have doors which must be slid open for alighting/boarding and G Sets have push buttons. However on the H set, the guard is able to select the number of doors to be opened at a station. This feature is aimed at preventing incidents where passengers may fall from the carriage when stopped at a short platform. The H sets have been fitted with "Dellner SP" couplings, compatible with the Millennium Trains and the new Hunter Railcars. They are able to absorb the impact of a collision, and the anti-climbers on the H Sets will also reduce the force of impact. The trains also have a different body design. Instead of the entire body being of the same design, such as the Tangara, the driver's cab is built like a protective cage, made of fibreglass and supported by a box section steel frame, which stretches to the end of the guard's door. The rest of the train is made from conventional stainless steel.

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