The Hay railway line is a partly closed railway line in New South Wales, Australia. The line branches from the Main South line at Junee, and passes in a westwards direction through the towns of Coolamon and Narrandera to Yanco. The first train arrived in Hay on 4 July 1882.[1] The line beyond Yanco to Hay is now closed,[2] although the section to Willbriggie remained open for grain haulage until 2004.[3] At Yanco, the still-open Yanco to Griffith line branches off in a northwesterly direction to Griffith.

Passenger servicesEdit

Until 1986, passenger service operated over the section of line between Junee and Yanco on their way to Griffith, consisting of a through train to Sydney (the Riverina Express) on several days per week, with a connection service between Grifith and Junee (connecting with the South Mail) on the other days. A connecting railcar service was provided at Narrandera for passengers on the Tocumwal line operated three days per week, until withdrawn on Saturday 26 November 1983.[4]

These services were withdrawn in 1986, and replaced by road coach services.[5] Between 1986 and 1996, no passenger trains operated over the line until services were reintroduced in 1996 after considerable political pressure was placed upon the NSW State Government.[6] A weekly locomotive train was initially reintroduced, subsequently replaced by a weekly Xplorer train. The train runs mainly for political reasons rather than fulfilling a significant transport role. Railway stations remain open at Coolamon and Narrandera.

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