Rolling stockEdit

The NSW TrainLink fleet consists of both diesel and electric traction, with the oldest of the fleet being the V sets and the youngest being the H sets. The Tangaras, K sets and Oscars are shared with Sydney Trains.

Class Image Type Top speed Carriage Numbers Routes operated Built
km/h mph
Endeavour Railcar CityRail Endeavour Railcar at Central Railway Station Diesel Multiple Unit 145 90 28 Hunter
Intercity South Coast
Intercity Southern Highlands
H Set Oscars H11-scarborough Electric Multiple Unit 130 80 221 (Shared with Sydney Trains) Intercity South Coast 2006-2012
Hunter railcar CityRail-Hunter-Railcar-2754 Diesel Multiple Unit 160 100 14 Hunter 2006
T set Tangara CityRail-Tangara-T33-ext Electric Multiple Unit 130 80 447 (Shared with Sydney Trains) Intercity South Coast 1987-1995
K Set CityRail K Set Electric Multiple Unit 160 (Shared with Sydney Trains) Newcastle and Central Coast 1981-1985
V set Cityrail-Vset-11 Electric Multiple Unit circa 200 Intercity Blue Mountains
Intercity Newcastle & Central Coast
Xplorer Countrylink-Xplorer-2502-at-Central Diesel Multiple Unit 160 100 23 Country North Western
Country Southern
Country Western
XPT CountryLink XPT 2018 at Junee Diesel locomotive &
Passenger carriage
160 100 19 Power cars
60 passenger carriages
Country North Coast
Country Southern
Country Western

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