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Wiki This page explains an Official NSW Trains Wiki policy

You are expected to follow this policy, however if you wish to contest certain aspects of it, you may propose them on the on the talk page for this policy.

The Transport Administration Act, 1988 (NSW) was the Act of the NSW Parliament that established CityRail and continues to control Transport for NSW, which makes it a fitting name for the collective charter for the NSW Trains Wiki that will contain all the policies and guidelines that you are expected to follow whilst using this site. Just like an Act of Parliament can be changed, the community can propose changes to any of these policies on the respective talk page for each of these policies.

Blocking PolicyEdit

Main article: Project:Blocking Policy

The blocking policy on the NSW Trains Wiki explains the blocking system on the NSW Trains wiki an how you can be blocked from editing this wiki. If you are blocked from editing, you are still able to view and read pages on this wiki and edit your message wall, however the ability to edit your message wall can and will be revoked if an admin believes that you are misusing it.

At any time during your block, you can appeal it if you believe it is unjust and it will be reviewed by an admin. The methods for doing this are on the main article for this policy

Deletion PolicyEdit

Main article: Project:Deletion Policy

The Deletion Policy explains the deletion process on the NSW Trains Wiki and how an article, file or template will be deleted if deemed unnecessary or vandalism.

File PolicyEdit

Main article: Project:File Policy

The file policy on the NSW Trains Wiki explains the use of files and what files are used for and what they are not used for. Files such as images and videos are used and display the object being referred to by the article. An article should never be overcrowded with images and images should be kept to a minimum and all images in the articles should differ substantially from each other. If you have a large amount of images you wish to include, create a subpage like Article_Name/gallery, and link to that page from the original article down the bottom in a "see also" section.

Manual of StyleEdit

Main article: Project:Manual of Style

Because the NSW Trains Wiki contains many different types of articles the Manual of Style is divided into 5 sections detailing the different types of article writing conventions. This section details the basics of writing an article as well as article categorization and article standards

Article namingEdit

Main article: Project:Manual of Style#Article naming

The article naming convention refers to the naming of articles and the case they should be named in as well as what they should be named after as well as naming for disambiguation articles.

Station articlesEdit

Main article: Project:Manual of Style#Station Articles

This part of the manual of style dictates the suggested format for writing an article on a railway station. It does not have to be followed, however it is recommended that you follow it and any user can edit the article to make the article fit within these guidelines.

Train articlesEdit

Main article: Project:Manual of Style#Train Articles

This part of the manual of style dictates the suggested format for writing an article on a train whether it be a locomotive, set or rollingstock. It does not have to be followed, however it is recommended that you follow it and any user can edit the article to make the article fit within these guidelines.

User PolicyEdit

Main article: Project:User Policy

The user policy correlates with the blocking policy as it refers to the user conduct expectations on this wiki and displays the main guidelines (referred to as rules on many other wikis) which are expected to be followed by the editors on this wiki. These include the tolerance of vandalism, rudeness and other activities on wikis that are not accepted. It also incorporates the user naming conventions on this wiki as well.

Userpage PolicyEdit

Main article: Project:Userpage Policy

The Userpage policy refers to the content accepted on a user's personal userpage, the content on that page which is acceptable and not acceptable. The userpage policy also includes off-topic file guidelines, which can be used on userpages to a certain degree.

User rights policyEdit

Main article: Project:User Rights Policy

The user rights policy refers to the conduct that users on this wiki will undertake if they hold any user rights and privileges that give them extra powers on this wiki. Ideally, users with rights are not above the community and hold those rights in a purely vigilante position. Abuse of rights on this wiki will never be tolerated and constitute a block given out by an administrator per the blocking policy.

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