NightRide is a network of bus routes in operation between midnight and 05:00 in Sydney. The eleven routes are run by private bus operators and allow for a nightly shutdown of the Sydney Trains commuter rail network. Established by the New South Wales Ministry of Transport and monitored by Transport for NSW, NightRide has been in operation since June 1989.[1] It is designed to provide for track maintenance, lower running costs and improved customer safety. Prior to the introduction of NightRide, trains on the Sydney commuter network had run on a 24-hour basis, although at much lower frequencies during NightRide hours than at other times.[2]

Most services run from George Street outside Town Hall railway station. The NightRide network closely mirrors the Sydney Trains network, with allowances made for the fact that major roads and railway lines often follow quite different alignments.

Sydney Trains tickets are valid on NightRide services, provided they are a Return ticket or higher (Single journey tickets are not valid). Prior to 14 April 2014, single (one-way) tickets may also be purchased from the driver. This has been changed to align with MyBus fare structure. This means MyBus tickets and Opal cards (only when enabled) have to be used on single journey NightRide services.[3][4] N100 is free when boarding at King's Cross citybound.

NightRide buses operate between midnight and 04:30 on a 30-minute frequency on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and hourly on other nights. Sydney Trains services operate all other times. Bus drivers may set-down passengers at local bus stops on route between designated NightRide stops.

NightRide networkEdit

The following routes that run on the Nightride network include:[5][6]

NightRide services N61 and N71 commenced on 23 October 2011.

Discontinued routesEdit

  • N1 City Circle Loop Service that ran from 2000 until it was discontinued on 1 November 2002.[7]

Wolli Creek and St Peters were also previously serviced by NightRide services N10 and N11.


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