The Sydney Trains fleet of trains serves the Sydney Trains lines in and around Sydney, Australia. Much of the rolling stock is double-deck electric multiple units.

Suburban FleetEdit

Sydney Trains & NSW TrainLink K SetEdit

K sets were manufactured by A Goninan & Co. and were the first air-conditioned suburban trains. The first cars built - four two-car sets - were air-conditioned, the remainder of the fleet were built with forced-air ventilation, and were subsequently retrofitted with air-conditioning. They follow the general configuration of the previous stainless steel generation (L, R and S sets), but are distinguished by a flat section above the drivers cabin. They run in 2, 4 or 8 car configurations and were introduced between 1981 and 1985.

Sydney Trains C SetEdit

C sets were also manufactured by A Goninan & Co. They were introduced in 1986 due to a delay in the design and introduction of the Tangara trains. They run in 4 or 8 car configurations and are the last of the second generation. They are distinguished by a moulded fiberglass section above the drivers cabin. They were the first trains to introduce the unpopular fixed seating

Sydney Trains T SetEdit

Tangaras (T sets) are the third generation of electric rollingstock on the Sydney Trains suburban network and were manufactured by A Goninan & Co. They feature a distinctive sloped appearance at the cab ends and run in 4 or 8 car configuration. They were introduced between 1988 and 1994, replacing the last of the first generation single deck electrics which had operated for many decades. A variant of the suburban Tangara formerly known as G sets were introduced between 1994 and 1995. These ran on shorter interurban services such as to Springwood and Wyong. Unlike the T set Tangaras they had baggage storage in each carriage, reversible seats, a unisex toilet in each 4 car block and a selective door opening capability for use with shorter platforms in outer suburban areas. These trains also operated on longer suburban runs, especially outside of peak hours. Following the introduction of the OSCARs, the G Sets were converted into purely suburban trains and reclassified as T Sets. The toilets were removed during the conversion process but many of the other unique features remain.

Sydney Trains M SetEdit

Millennium trains (M sets) were introduced between 2002 and 2005, constituting the fourth generation of Sydney Trains suburban rollingstock. These were the first suburban trains in Sydney fitted with a multiphase alternating current traction system. The trains run in 4 or 8 car configurations. They replaced the Tulloch trailers which the R and S sets ran with.

Sydney Trains A Set (Waratah)Edit

Waratah trains are the newest rolling stock in the Sydney Trains fleet. Based on the M Set, the design incorporates a number of advancements including 'smart' air conditioning, extensive use of LED lighting, internal and external closed-circuit television cameras, and a redesigned vestibule area with a wider entrance area and increased priority seating. Waratahs are also the first to feature an indivisible eight-car configuration. The trains are largely manufactured in China by the Changchun Railway Vehicles Company Ltd., with internal fitting-out performed by Downer Rail in Australia. The first Waratah train (set A3) entered service on 1 July 2011. 78 A sets are ordered to start replacing the retiring R & S sets which will begin in 2012.

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