The L, R and S sets are a class of electric multiple unit operated by Sydney Trains in New South Wales, Australia. The carriages are of stainless steel, double deck construction and are not air-conditioned.

Consist Edit

The "L," "R" or "S" set designation is dependent on the number of carriages in a set and also the types of carriages.

Set Designation Carriages Number of Carriages




S C-T-T-C 4 (usually run as an 8 car set)

Both R and S sets have been seen in the past running with one carriage missing before, while they were being refurbished. Due to changes in the timetable, there are no longer any scheduled 3 or 6 car services and only intercity/regional 2 or 4 car services. All L and R sets have been scrapped or been reconfigured as S sets.

These carriages also once ran together with the Tulloch trailers. These trailers were scrapped after the M sets were delivered. As a result of this, and due to the conversion of L/R sets to S sets, motor carriages were converted to trailers as there were too many motor carriages to match with trailer cars. Most of the equipment in these motor carriages were removed, including the pantograph. All driver equipment was removed, including the whole cabin and compartment doors. The vestibule seating was extended along to the end of the carriage. Originally, the round exterior compartment door window was kept, however, most now have it plated over, due to problems with vandalism.

Features Edit

L/R/S sets were made by two different companies, Comeng and Goninan, to fufill several orders made by the NSW government. Sets may consist of cars from several different series. The biggest difference between the two manufacturers are the carriage fronts. Comeng carriages have a peaked front, while the Goninan carriages are completely flat on the front.

All carriages were delivered without destination boards, however, flipdot destination boards were added to all driver cars. The trains were also retrofitted with traction interlocking. This means that power can't be applied unless all doors are closed. Flashing yellow lights were also added to assist the guard with identifying a held or defective door. The train also features crew air conditioning, but no passenger air conditioning. As the train has no air conditioning, both the pantograph and camshaft motor are located in the motor car, with there being no equipment in the roof of the trailer cars. Along with the C sets, the S set carriages tend to crash together when starting to move.

In Service TodayEdit

They were withdrawn from most lines due to the delivery of A Sets, with only the T7 still having rostered services. They were rostered as standby on all other lines. However, due to the November 2017 timetable changes, they were reintroduced on several lines. Once all the B sets enter service, all S Sets will cease operations.

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