The Tumbarumba railway line is a railway line in New South Wales, Australia. Services are suspended, although the line is not officially closed (which would require an Act of Parliament). Passenger services on the line in the final years comprised CPH railmotors.[1] The line branched from the Main South line at Wagga Wagga and passed through Tarcutta to the township of Tumbarumba. It opened in stages from 1917 to 1921 and was essentially closed in 1987.[2] Passenger trains ceased operation in 1974 after significant flooding saw much of the line abandoned. In 2001, a large grass fire started by a passing southbound semi-trailer destroyed the disused Tarcutta railway station before it could be restored by a local historical group.[3] All other stations on the line have been demolished with the exception of Ladysmith (which is maintained by the Tumbarail historical group)[4] and Borambola. Although several sections of rail have been removed (albeit without the approval of NSW Railways), much of the line still exists.

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