The Wallsend branch railway line is a closed branch railway line in New South Wales, Australia. It was standard gauge and in length. The line was privately owned and built in the early 1860s following the passage of the Newcastle Wallsend Coal Co. Railway Act 1860 by the New South Wales Parliament but services on the line were also provided by New South Wales Government Railways.[1]

It branched from the Main North line at Hanbury Junction and ran to the town of Wallsend. The line's main purpose was the transportation of coal from the Wallsend, Wallsend Borehole and Elermore collieries to the port of Newcastle but it was also used for passenger services between Wallsend and Newcastle.

It had ceased to function as a passenger line by 1939 and all rails have been lifted. The level crossing gates (c. 1860) at Nelson Street, Wallsend are still extant and the old goods shed built at the corner of Cowper and Nelson Streets has been converted into an office building. It dates from 1877.[2]

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