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St Marys
V - E - T - D

Werrington railway station is located on the North Shore, Northern & Western Line of the Sydney Trains system in the western Sydney suburb of Werrington. Opening in 1868, the station consists two side platforms with access via an overhead concourse and footbridge.

Werrington is the 142nd most patronised railway station in Sydney (out of a total of 176 stations), with an average of 1120 passengers boarding per day.


Werrington station was originally built as a private platform on the Main Western line for Sir Henry Parkes. It was known as Parkes Platform and opened on 2 May 1868. In 1878 the platform was opened for public use, and in 1893 it was renamed Werrington.

The station was upgraded to Easy Access status for wheelchairs and people with disabilities in June 2008, with the provision of a lift to each platform from the concourse, and an accessible toilet. The upgrade included the installation of the first photovoltaic solar panels at a railway station in Sydney. An upgrade to the commuter car park was completed in June 2010.

On 18 August 2011 a boy was hit by an express heading to city after dangerously crossing the tracks. The boy's leg and elbow were broken as well as sustaining serious injury. Transit officers arrived soon to call emergency services. The boy was then transported to Westmead Children's Hospital for treatment. It was revealed that the boy had survived by hiding in the 'lip' of the platform where the train had injured but not killed him.

Platforms and servicesEdit

As of the new Sydney Trains timetables on Sunday the 20th of October 2013: on weekdays the station is served by four trains per hour in each direction for most of the day, with additional trains provided during peak hours; and on weekends the station is served by two trains per hour in each direction for most of the day.

During off-peak hours two of these four train services has two train services terminate at Penrith and two train services continues after Penrith then terminate at Emu Plains. During evenings and on weekends all of the train services operates to and terminate at Penrith only, does not operate beyond Penrith and vice versa. [1]

Platform Line Stopping Pattern Notes
CR Plat 1
T1 all stations and limited stops services to Central, then Chatswood and beyond
CR Plat 2
T1 all stations services to Penrith and Emu Plains Some peak hour services to Springwood also stop here.


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